The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing Your HR Needs

More than ever, data is driving the performance goals of businesses. Companies track important metrics each month to analyze trends and stay focused on continual improvement. For smaller businesses, outsourcing some HR tasks allows executives to spend more time developing metrics and improving the company’s performance.   What Areas of HR Can Be Outsourced? HR outsourcing […]

Why Is a Yacht Expensive To Insure?

Many people question if it worth the cost to purchase high-end equipment such as a yacht. Investing in a good yacht insurance plan can alleviate this worry. Factors of Cost for Yacht Insurance Some may wonder why the cost of insuring a yacht is more expensive than for insuring other vessels. A few of these reasons are: […]

Tips for Choosing the RIght Homeowners Insurance Policy

Whether it is your primary residence or a weekend getaway, a home is a major investment. Homeowners insurance policies must be configured to protect a home and its contents against damage from natural disasters, vandalism and theft. The right one will also protect your personal assets if someone is injured on your property. Here are […]

3 Reasons To Purchase Disability Insurance

Disability insurance helps replace income if you are sick or injured and unable to work. Many employers offer this coverage as part of their benefits package. However, it may benefit you to purchase individual disability insurance instead, Here are three reasons to consider it.  1. To Supplement Employer Coverage After an Illness or Injury If […]

The Septic Insurance Programs Your Private Sewer Operation Needs To Know About

Whether your company specializes in septic tank installation, wastewater treatment, portable toilets or something else related to sewer operations, it’s a good idea to have insurance for private sewers in place. Septic operations come with some unique risks, from equipment damage to bacterial contamination and more, that may require strong coverage. Take a look at […]

Liability Protection for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are in the business of protecting others from liability and other damages. Unfortunately, insurance agents are vulnerable to many of the same risks that their clients face. Going without proper coverage is a risk not worth taking. Liability Packages for Insurance Companies A comprehensive liability package includes two important types of coverage. Without […]

The Right Broker The Foundation for Builders Risk Insurance Success

In the competitive retail insurance market, offering builder’s risk insurance solutions is a way for agencies to gain new business and strengthen relationships with longtime customers. Desirable to property owners and contractors, builder’s risk insurance covers damages to a property under construction. With these temporary insurance lines, two considerations are paramount for an agency seeking […]

3 Major Insurance Options for Truckers

As an owner-operator or truck fleet, insurance is necessary. Unfortunately, shopping for insurance can be overwhelming, so it helps to know what to look for. Here are three of the most common examples of truck insurance. General Liability Insurance General liability is one of the top insurance coverages. This protects injuries or property damage sustained […]

How PPE for Kitchen Staff Prevents Injuries

There are various risks associated with working in a commercial kitchen. As an owner, you must have adequate insurance protection and ensure employees wear personal protective equipment while on-site. The proper PPE for kitchen staff helps prevent workplace injuries and accidents. Safety Hazards Restaurant employees face many potentially dangerous situations while on the job. Some possible […]

The Most Important Step With Taking Out Business Insurance

When the time comes to take out a new insurance policy for business, it can be useful to look at a few key tips related to the process. While you might assume that a lot of insurance policies are quite similar, you could not be farther from the truth. In fact, you should always take […]