Why You Should Consider Protecting Your Business Income With Dedicated Insurance Coverage

If a disaster were to suddenly affect your business, causing you to lose your income, your company could suffer potentially disastrous financial consequences. In those scenarios, one mechanism to protect your business from fiscal ruin could be business income insurance. Though perhaps not as commonly known as other types of insurance, income coverage could help […]

Helpful Facts for Deciding Between Self- and Fully-Funded Healthcare Options

Any employer trying to figure out the best way to set up healthcare plans for employees is sure to run into the question of whether to get self-funded vs fully-funded health plans. These are the two most common plan types you’re likely to run into, and though they might sound similar on the surface, there […]

Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

Social platforms are an integral part of successful business strategies. Social media marketing for insurance agents builds relationships with potential and existing clients by providing an avenue to connect with many people at once. Create Quality Content The content of your social media accounts should be useful to your clients. Potential customers are seeking solutions, […]

Understanding the Need for PEO Insurance

Professional employer organizations or PEOs play a special role in the operations of many small- to medium-sized businesses. Your PEO provides support to these businesses with outsourced services such as HR management, legal compliance, tax solutions and more. This special relationship with your clients requires a special type of coverage, PEO insurance, to help cover […]

How Your Company Can Use Social Media Marketing as a Tool To Connect With Potential Clients

Whatever your goals are in the business world, you are likely already aware of the power that social media marketing has for connecting you with potential customers. This new style of marketing has largely overtaken the older approaches of direct ad placement, for instance, to allow you to meet customers where they already are. If […]

Do You Need Business Income Insurance?

It might seem odd to insure your company’s income, since losses are a risk that comes with being in business, but it can be essential to your ongoing success under the right circumstances. The key is understanding what business income insurance protects, which allows you to better assess whether your company needs it. This insurance […]

The Advantages of a Nonprofit Liability Insurance Policy

Nonprofit businesses often have to work with the public. Unfortunately, this means that your business is exposed to a number of potential risks. There is the potential for accidents that involve clients, visitors, and even delivery people. It is vital that you protect your business and a nonprofit liability insurance policy can help. What is […]

What Business Insurance Is and Why You Need It Now

As a business owner, you’ll do anything you can to protect your business and your company’s future. Though solid business practices and a commitment to helping your customers is key, it’s not enough to protect you from every risk you face. You need to invest in a comprehensive commercial insurance policy from your trusted business […]

3 Keys To Running a Successful Insurance Agency

The hours are long and work challenging, but running a successful insurance agency is a rewarding career. Not only are you providing an indispensable service for your clients, you’re also building a business and employing others. If you want to keep your business successful, however, you’ll need to focus on three areas. Know Your Products […]

How Assisted Rides Can Help You Provide Volunteer Services During Difficult Times

If the COVID pandemic has taught service providers anything, it is that people need to rely on each other to get things done. With so many people isolated at home, the need to reach at-risk populations only increased. Learn how Assisted Rides can help your organization schedule volunteers to meet that need. The Increased Demand […]