Increased Cyber Security

Cyber theft and cyber fraud are rising crimes and huge problems to combat in our society. How many of us have been victims? It’s life altering, in part because your data is stolen and in part because it shakes the foundation of what we considered secure. Many companies with which we do business online are employing the use of a cyber backup plan. Let’s look at how the people with whom we trust our data are taking steps to protect us.

More is Better

Many companies are employing a strategy of having multiple copies of their databases. Why is this better? Isn’t there more of a potential for our own personal information to be compromised that way? Not really.

  • Multiple copies stored in locations not connected to one another means a true copy of your information is safe.
  • The safe copy can then be utilized to identify fraudulent activity.
  • Utilizing the safe copy quickly minimizes the damage from any breach.
  • Isolating the hacked data can potentially lead investigators to the culprits.

Your Responsibility

Ensure you’re choosing to do business with companies which utilize the latest techniques to minimize your online vulnerabilities like multifactor authentication. For yourself, use reputable antivirus software, set strong passwords and don’t reuse the same logon across multiple sites.

Take the steps you need to keep your data safe.