Preventing Sexual Assault in Your Nightclub

According to the Rape Crisis Center, about one-third of the people they help say that their attack happened in a bar or nightclub. That equaled about 46,000 cases of rape in 2019. As a business owner, you can accept the challenge of preventing sexual assault in nightclubs. Effective planning mitigates your risk as a nightclub owner and keeps your patrons safer. Insurance gives you peace of mind in case the worst happens.

Review Your Floorplan

Begin your planning by reviewing and revising your floorplan. Dark hallways, corners with blocked views and ill-lit spaces provide the cover that sexual predators look for. As much as possible create an open space that is consistently lit. Ask staff to regularly patrol problem areas and the restrooms.

Train Your Staff 

Besides your floorplan, your staff is your most important asset in preventing assault. Besides regularly checking problem areas, train your staff to look for warning signs. If a bartender notices a customer buying drinks for someone while not drinking himself, the bartender passes that information to security for extra scrutiny.

Bartenders should be able to comfortably ask intoxicated customers how they’re getting home and if they know their rides, offering alternatives where needed. Bartenders are also the first line of defense in protecting drinks from incapacitating drugs. 

Keep your business and your customers safe when you plan your business with an eye to preventing assault.