The Advantages of a Nonprofit Liability Insurance Policy

Nonprofit businesses often have to work with the public. Unfortunately, this means that your business is exposed to a number of potential risks. There is the potential for accidents that involve clients, visitors, and even delivery people. It is vital that you protect your business and a nonprofit liability insurance policy can help.

What is Covered by a Nonprofit Liability Insurance Policy?

Nonprofit liability insurance provides protection for a variety of common small business risks. First, it covers any customer injuries that occur while someone is on the premises of your business. For example, let’s say you own an animal shelter and a potential adopter is bitten by a dog. Normally you would take the blame for the injury and have to cover the customer’s medical bills. Nonprofit liability insurance covers these bills for you.

You are also covered in situations where you accidentally damage someone else’s property. Nonprofit liability insurance can cover the repair of a damaged item, it can cover a replacement, and it can even cover legal costs that result from a property damage lawsuit.

Nonprofit liability insurance also provides protection for your business if you accidentally mimic another company’s logo or slogan. This is called advertising injury and it can be quite costly to your business without insurance.

Nonprofit businesses come with a lot of potential risks. Protect yourself today and purchase nonprofit liability insurance.